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New Pet Database - Smart Pet Tag

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Give your furry friend the ultimate protection with a Smart Pet Tag - the best way to ensure that if your pet goes loose or out of your sight, a finder can get hold of you easily.

Protect your pet with a custom smart tag with QR code technology.

Keep Your Pet Safe with Our QR Code Pet Tag!

  • Real-time Alerts and Peace of Mind

    • When someone scans your pet's tag with a smartphone, you'll receive immediate alerts to ensure your pet's safety. With a valid subscription, not only will your contact details appear on their phone, but you'll also receive an automatic pet safety ping through SMS and email. Stay connected and informed whenever your pet's tag is scanned.
  • Display Essential Contact Information

    • Don't let the limited space on collar tags hinder you from providing crucial details. Our QR code pet tag allows you to add multiple contact details, notes for a finder, pictures, and more. Give the finder all the necessary information to reach out to you promptly. 
    • Concerned about sharing too much personal information? No problem. With just one click, you can hide specific details while still ensuring your pet's safety. Take control of the information you share and maintain your privacy.
  • Powerful Safety Pings Technology

    • With Pet Database's cutting-edge safety pings technology, the finder will receive the information you choose to provide straight to their phone. In addition, we'll contact you via email and assist in notifying all the local vets and shelters if your pet ever goes missing. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to reuniting you with your furry friend.
  • No Batteries, No Hassle

    • Forget about charging or replacing batteries. Our QR code tag works seamlessly with any smartphone. Simply scan the code, and you're ready to go! Enjoy the convenience without the hassle.
  • Free Updates for Life

    • Enjoy lifetime access to free updates for your Smart Tags. We're committed to keeping your pet's information current and ensuring their safety at all times. No additional charges or hidden fees - just a lifetime of worry-free updates.
    • We prioritize the safety and security of your beloved pet. Our Smart Tags are linked to, a DEFRA-compliant pet microchip database. Rest easy knowing that if anyone scans your pet's microchip, we'll promptly provide your contact details to pet professionals, including vets, wardens, and more. No charges apply for keeping your details up to date.
  • Built to Last, Ready for Adventure

    • Our Smart Tags are designed to withstand even the toughest pet adventures. They are lightweight yet incredibly durable, ensuring they stay securely attached to your pet's collar. With a valid subscription, we offer free replacements for any damaged tags, so you can rest assured knowing your pet's tag will always be in top condition.
  • Multi-Tag Functionality

    • For pets with multiple collars, we've got you covered. Our Smart Pet Tags allow you to link multiple tags to the same pet, providing comprehensive coverage. No matter which collar your pet is wearing, their safety is guaranteed.

Don't leave your pet's safety to chance. Get our QR code pet tag today and provide them with the best protection possible. Order now and enjoy peace of mind knowing your beloved companion is always just a scan away from home!

Subscription Options:

  • Monthly: Only £2.50 per month (less than the price of a not-so-great coffee!)
  • Annually: £15 per year (50% savings compared to monthly)
  • Lifetime: One-time fee of £25

Choose the subscription that fits your budget and ensures your pet's safety.


New Pet Database - Smart Pet Tag

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Feel safe

I feel so much safer know my pup has this tag and microchipped


Great lifetime cover for Toby

Eight-Bit Guru
Works brilliantly

I bought two of these for my dog Nova - one for the everyday collar, and another for the travel harness in case she somehow lost her collar when we're out and about in the car. They arrived quickly, were simple to set up and I linked both to her in the database. Less than a week later I was busy at the front of the house and she escaped from the back garden and wandered off into the woods where we go for walks. I got a phone call from a nice lady who said she'd found her - I was confused because I knew she was in the garden until I checked and saw she'd made a break for it. I met the lady who told me it had been really easy to scan the tag and call me. She'd never seen one like it before so I told her where to get one.

Sarah Matthews
Absolute peace of mind

I bought one of these when I moved house as I didn't want to have to keep getting new engraved ones done. It arrived quickly and was pretty simple to set up and sync to my microchip account. It definitely gives me peace of mind!

Mrs W

I have contacted this company to cancel my subscription loads of times. Still have not had a reply. They say you can do it on the website. You cannot! Tried phoning it said there was no one available and next time it wasn’t the correct number. Seem to be a bit of a scam. Just want your money.