How long will it take for me to receive my product(s)? 

Our aim is that you will receive your product(s) within 7-10 working days. This is subject to no delays or other circumstances distrusting production. 

How do I upload a photo of my pet? 

1.    Ensure we can clearly see your pets face in the photo.

2.    Don't upload blurry or pixelated photos.

3.    Make sure the lighting is good in the photo and the photo isn't too dark. Watch out for shadows!

4.    Natural lighting coming onto the face is always best.
      The better quality photo, the better your socks! 


What if I am not happy with how my order turned out?

Our hope is that you love your product! If you receive it and are not happy with it regardless of the reason, tell us at and we will respond to figure out how we can help.

Please note that we do not accept responsibility for any incorrect names, spelling errors or poor quality photo prints (even though we will do our best to try to reach out to you if we feel the photo print will be poor). I

f the issue is not flagged to us within 30 days of the order being marked as delivered then we can no longer provide a refund.

How much do you charge for shipping? 

Shipping costs vary. We base our shipping rates on the weight being shipped, the destination and the shipping method selected. Shipping rates for your order will be calculated at the checkout so you know how much you will be charged. 


What products do you offer?

 We take pride in the quality & design of our products and this is the reason we only have the one product available right now. The personalized socks have gone through meticulous stages of testing to ensure the quality and design are fit to represent the store as our first product. 

Therefore, the rigorous process we have created for our products means it takes a short while for products to be listed for sale on our site.

However, we will constantly be adding products to our store so keep your eyes peeled and join our mailing list! 

What are the are instructions for your products? 

For all garments, we advise you follow these steps for washing & drying: 

  • Wash at 30 degrees Celsius, inside out
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron over print