We started Tailster in 2014 to help pet owners with the care of their pets. Whether you're going away on holiday, or need regular dog walks - we're here to help make sure that your pet finds the perfect carer night or day, in the safest way. Think of Tailster as the friendly concierge that helps you find the perfect home for your pet whilst you are unable to care for them –
safe, trustedaffordable and convenient for you. 
We've helped over 200,000 pet owners with their pet care needs with lots of features such as GPS dog walk tracking, full insurance cover including emergency vet fees and easy online payment. It takes just 30 seconds to create a care request, and we'll do the rest. Click here to find your carer.
In 2019, someone smart in the office received personalised socks with their face on them. That super smart person decided we could do the same with the faces of dogs and cats, and the Tailster Personalised Sock service was born.  

We've only just got started with the socks - we've been delighting our pet owners and carers with these as gifts and now have made them available to the general public.